Sending SMS messages

Sending SMS messages

Since we are constantly striving to specialize what we offer, we have had to follow new mechanisms in the field of institutional marketing and the website, to provide SMS services to our customers. In order to benefit from our services, we always try to provide our services at the lowest prices and the highest possible quality.

This service is also known as text messaging or SMS, and it sends SMS text messages to as many target customers as possible for your business. Within seconds with a single click, you can send messages to thousands of customers wherever they are.

Therefore, in order to provide advanced services and enable direct communication, many programs that use SMS services use this technology to become part of the technological developments that the world is witnessing every day, through a clear, simple and easy screen that customers, participants and visitors to your site use to control In your database of names, mobile phone numbers, and management while maintaining the strict confidentiality and privacy of your data, we always strive to provide the highest quality service, at the best possible price.

With the increase in the distribution of mobile phones to all individuals, and the increase in the use of mobile phones as a lifestyle for different individuals and different customer segments, SMS text messaging services have become increasingly popular in many businesses and commercial activities, and have become an urgent need for entrepreneurs.

What types of SMS services are there?

There are many types of SMS services that meet the needs and objectives of different companies and institutions:

  • Regular text messages.
  • Direct SMS service.
  • Text messages to specific geographic locations.

Regular text messages

The traditional or basic version of SMS is a text-only communication, or regular text messaging service. The text of this message contains a specific idea, service or offer that organizations are trying to spread through as many messages as possible to their target audience.

Direct SMS service

Thousands of companies around the world use this service, and it is one of the most popular text messaging services. Targeted SMS works by delivering a text message with a short link as its basis. This link will take your target users or consumers directly to your online store, company website or mobile application when they click on it.

Text messages to specific geographic locations

This service is one of the newer text messaging services and one of the most popular among various business endeavors. It is also considered as one of the most economical SMS services because the messages are precisely targeted to the target audience based on location and ensures successful SMS campaigns are executed with maximum efficiency and lowest error rate.







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