Google Ads Campaign Management

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads Google Ads is a system created by Google to give marketers the ability to market on the Google search network and Google partner websites, it contains tools through Google AdWords, Google ads enable the advertiser to choose specific keywords or keywords to appear in the first search results Whenever a Google researcher goes to it and writes that phrase (the search word) or something similar, your ad campaign appears on the first page of the search results. This ad includes several titles and descriptions that explain the service or product and contains a link to a page of the site when the user clicks on it to be transferred. to the website where he can contact the service or product provider.

Google search engine is the best for you in attracting potential customers who have a high purchase intent, so we work with you from the beginning to create the appropriate budget for your services or products with extreme accuracy and the lowest cost.

Types of ads that can be created on Google Ads

Google Search Ads – Search Ads
 is a great option to reach customers who are interested in a specific product or service. Search ads target people who use the Google search engine to search for a specific product, service or solution.

Video Ads on YouTube – Video Ads
Video ads always appear when using the YouTube application, and the user has the right to choose between watching the advertisement or visiting the official website of the advertiser to learn more about the services it provides.

Application ads – Google Ads app
A marketer does not need to create a lot of ads because Google already has marketing campaigns with different formats and networks. Google Ads conducts several experiments and publishes these ads.

Display Network ads
Display Network mainly contains images that express the idea of ​​​​the advertisement or product that is being promoted or the advertiser company, and this type also includes application ads and dynamic ads on the Internet

Product Ads (Google Shopping)
This type of ads enables users to find several ads when conducting a product search so that they can compare prices (comparing several suppliers).

The services that we provide to you in Google Ads Google Ads

  • Create the account and adjust the settings.
  • We do a complete systematic study of the targeted keywords in your advertising campaign, and we choose the best one.
  • Budget rationalization (we suggest daily costs and click rates for words).
  • Create and prepare campaigns that suit your needs and goals.
  • Periodic reports on campaign performance (follow-up on a daily basis to work on the best targeting for the lowest budget).\
  • A team specialized in advertising campaign services on Google.
  • Arrange modes for superior quality campaigns.







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