Nabed El-Haya NGO

How we help a NGO to increase its’ donations by triple in a 3 month campaign.

  • : helping poor people only in the medical field
  • : 1/ 11 / 2018 : 30/ 3/ 2019
  • : the general public and our community
  • : 21: 50
  • : El-Mahalla El-kobra
  • : Al-Arabia for home appliances
  • The low trust in all NGOs

  • double the donation

  • awareness campaign “نبض الحياة هى الحياه” We start to make reach our target segment and tell them about our services without askingthem to donate converting campaign “ تبرعك يساوى حياة” We start to tell our target audience why we need their help “building a free of charge hospital ”. campaign “يا فرحة أمك بيك” In mother’s day we launched an event to tell people the best gift for your mother is to make her a lifetime charity with us and we will deliver it to her at home signed by your name and get a discount on Al-arabia products

  • Doubled the donations and tripled it at mother’s day campaign